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How To Prep For Your Painting Contractor?

Updated: Feb 9

Move the furniture


To begin, this tip should only apply to you if you are able to move the furniture without injuring or straining yourself. Assuming you are able to do so, this step would be the only strenuous task you would be asked to complete. We also understand that furniture may not always be able to be moved out of a room completely.

Painting contractor

The easiest way to complete this task for your contractor is by simply moving all the furniture to the middle of the room and off the walls. This allows your contractor to move around the perimeter of the room and have access to all paintable surfaces.

Switch Plates/Outlet Covers


This is the easiest task your contractor will ask of you. All you must do is remove the switch plates and outlet covers from the walls. This will help your contractor get right into the painting process and ensures that behind all the covers are painted. Once the painting process is complete, I recommend waiting 24 hours until re-installing all switch plates and outlet covers. Doing so will ensure that they are not stuck to the wall next time they have to be removed.

Pictures Removed


Another simple step that goes a long way is removing all pictures and decor hanging on the walls. This also includes curtains, curtain rods and even blinds. There is two reasons your contractor will ask you to complete this step.

Painting contractor prep

One, they will be able to patch any existing nail holes or wall dents that hanging decor may have left behind. Two, the process will be faster and more efficient as there is less prep for the painter.

Cabinets & Closets


If your painting contractor is scheduled to be painting inside your closets and or cabinets, then this step is important. Clearing out all items from the closet or cabinet is essential. This can include, towels, clothing, and storage items. You don't want your things ruined or misplaced. I'm not saying things will get broken but, it eliminates potential problems. Find a easy place that is out of the way to store them for the time being, it will make everyone's job much easier.

Other Considerations for your Painting Contractor


Some other things that should be considered are...

  • Designating a restroom that your painter can use throughout the course of the project.

  • Removing personal items from your bathrooms.

  • If you own pets, it is best that they be kept clear of the work area until the project is complete.

  • If it is a larger painting job expect crews of 2-3+.

To conclude, these are just recommendations to help the project run smoother. At Biggs General Contracting LTD. our goal is create a stress free work environment, and these tips sure help. Talk with your contractor prior to the project start date. Iron out any details of the project, and see what you can do to help. To get a free estimate on your painting project visit our Get a Quote page.

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