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"Which Paint Finish Is Best for Your Home: A Complete Guide"

Updated: Feb 9

Flat/Matte Finish (Best paint finish for ceilings)


We start this list at lowest sheen available when it comes to using paint. Flat and matte paint are in the same category because they are interchangeable. The difference in sheen between them in most cases is no more than 10%. This would not be noticeable in most settings.

Paint finish

Flat is exactly how it sounds, it is a dull finish with no shine to it whatsoever. While both paint finishes can be used on wall application, more often than not, flat or matte is the best paint finish used for ceiling applications. It has a low washability rating, which means the paint does not clean well. Contrary, it does do a terrific job at hiding imperfections that the walls or ceilings may have. I would always recommend this finish for ceiling application. If it will be used on walls, I suggest you refrain from touching them as it would leave marks.

Low Sheen Eggshell/Eggshell (Best paint finish for walls)


Low sheen eggshell and regular eggshell paint come just above flat and matte when it comes to paint finishes. These two go together because they are close in sheen and are often used for similar applications. When dry, the paint finish left behind has slightly more sheen than flat or matte, but not quite as dull.

Paint colours

It appears as the finish would be on the outside of an eggshell, hence the name given to it. While choosing this paint you are slightly sacrificing the ability to hide imperfections, like the flat or matte paint would, but it does provide you with more washability than the others. Ensuring cleaning will be a little easier and leave less marks behind. I would recommend these paint finishes to most people looking to repaint their walls.

Satin/Semi Gloss (Best paint finish for trim+doors)


Satin and semi gloss are next on the list. When semi gloss or satin paint is applied it leaves behind a glass like shine. That allows natural or artificial light to bounce off the surfaces and carry easier than others.

Painting service

This finish is terrific when it comes to its washability factor. making the cleaning of it easy. It highlights dents, cracks, and holes more than other finishes because of the shine

it carries. The application of satin or semi gloss is not often recommended or used for walls and ceilings. Instead, you would see these types of paint finishes more often on any kind of baseboard, trim work, cabinets and or doors.

High Gloss

Painting services

High gloss is last to hit the list. The glossiest finish of all the paints. It typically goes hand in hand with semi gloss but for someone looking for a little more pop. It is the toughest and most durable paint finish there is. High gloss is great at resisting stains and the easiest when it comes to cleaning up. Similar to semi gloss, it has a great washability factor but does not hide blemishes well. The application is rarely used for walls or ceilings and is more so used for baseboard, trim work, cabinets and or doors.

To conclude, after reading this blog post you should have sufficient knowledge to choose what paint finish you should be using in your house. Refer to our Painting Service page to see what deals we offer, or our Get a Quote page to receive a fast and free estimate from Biggs General Contracting LTD.

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